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For an optimal body condition

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To keep your dog in good shape: Our tailored food for a healthy body weight.

Do you think your dog tends to be overweight? Our Daily Care range offers a wide selection of foods to help your dog to maintain a healthy weight. This range is ideal for a noticeably healthier well-being throughout your dog's life.

Our Daily Care food for a healthy body weight.

Made with tasty chicken and less fat.

Your dog needs protein to maintain its muscles. That's why our weight control foods contain less fat, lots of fresh, lean chicken and L-Carnitine - a natural substance that boosts fat burning. With our Daily Care dog food, your four-legged friend can stay in the best possible shape.

Premium ingredients.

For visible well-being.

Our Daily Care food doesn't only have a great taste, more importantly, it helps your dog to feel good in Its own skin. Calcium and glucosamine ensure strong bones, and healthy joints and good mobility. These recipes also contain prebiotics, essential for digestion, and a precisely targeted ratio of natural omega-6 and 3 fatty acids which give your pet's coat a silky shine

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Frequently asked questions

EUKANUBA Daily Care Dry Dog food Weight Control is convenient for dogs with minor overweight or dogs with a tendency to overweight due to their breed or changed activity level. To manage the weight of your dog, EUKANUBA offers two weight control foods for adult dogs, one for small and medium breeds and one for large breeds. Containing 30% less fat versus the EUKANUBA Adult Food for the same breed size, the Daily Care Weight Control food is ideal to help your dog maintain a healthy weight.

EUKANUBA Daily Care Dry Dog Food Overweight is formulated to manage the weight of overweight and sterilised dogs of all breeds.  With 50% less fat (vs. EUKANUBA Adult Medium Breed), the EUKANUBA Overweight food is ideal to help reduce body fat while preserving lean muscle tissue.

As the weight of a dog depends on numerous factors such as breed, size, age etc. it is not possible to have a table which is suitable for all dogs. The ideal body weight is as individual as your dog and can differ even in dogs of the same breed.

The so-called Body Condition Score can help you to check if your dog is in good shape. For this method you have to look at and feel your dog. When looking at your dog from above the waist has to be recognisable. Now have a look at your dog from the side and check if the abdomen slants upwards between the ribcage and the hind legs. When you pet the back of your dog, the ribs and spin should be easily palpable covered with minimal fat.

If you have doubts, do not hesitate to contact your vet and ask for advice.

If your dog does not need a special nutrition due to his senior age, the foods of the EUKANUBA Daily Care range are convenient for all adult dogs, also in senior age.

In order to make sure that your dog gets a sufficient quantity of all essential nutrients, it is not advisable to just reduce the daily food portion recommended by the manufacturer. To help your dog maintain or loose weight, feed a food with lower energy density such as EUKANUBA Daily Care Weight Control or Overweight. In this way you offer your dog a complete and balanced nutrition with reduced calorie intake.

Like all EUKANUBA foods, also EUKANUBA Daily Care Weight Control offers a complete and varied nutrition for your dog. But in order to support your dog’s weight management, the recipe is formulated with lower energy density and contains 30% less fat versus the EUKANUBA Adult Food for the same breed size. Thanks to the composition of ingredients adjusted to a reduced calorie intake the Daily Care Weight Control food is ideal to help your dog maintain a healthy weight.