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Our Eukanuba wet foods for cats

Premium quality cat foods

Our EUKANUBA wet cat food is 100% complete and balanced, with high quality protein. We want to provide expert nutrition for cats, allowing them to relish an enjoyable meal every day. At EUKANUBA we offer high-quality wet foods for every life stage of your animal companion. 

100% Appetizing

100% Animal Protein

Wet food has a higher moisture content and is perceived as very appetizing by most cats because of its aroma and texture. Our EUKANUBA wet cat food recipes have been developed with carefully selected premium ingredients, vitamins and minerals based on your cat’s needs.

Our grain-free* food alternative for cats

Grain-free* cat food

Grains often serve as a carbohydrate-rich ingredient in cat food. Nevertheless, for some cats this carbohydrate source triggers adverse food reactions. Therefore, we offer a range of grain-free* foods in the usual EUKANUBA quality for your cat.

*produced in a factory that handles grains