Tailored nutrition

For the support of a lifelong wellbeing

From the clumsy youngster, to the active adult, to the leisurely senior – at every stage of life, your dog or cat will have different requirements for their food and the nutrients it contains. With EUKANUBA, you can offer your four-legged companion a wholesome, tasty food at every stage of life that is optimally adapted to their changing nutritional needs. But that's not all: Especially for dogs the nutritional needs depend not only on his stage in life, but also on its size. That is why we divide most of our dog food ranges within the age groups puppy, junior adult, mature and senior, once again according to different breed sizes. In this way you can offer your animal companion a tailored nutrition that supports a lifelong wellbeing.

Decades of experience

For high-quality food recipes

Based on our decades of experience, all our EUKANUBA food recipes are thoroughly developed and made with the finest ingredients only. Our foods are 100% complete and balanced and contain all the nutrients required to keep your pet in good condition and shape. High-quality protein we use in our formulas helps build and maintain strong muscles. The contained prebiotics and a carefully selected mix of essential vitamins and minerals make our recipes so special. Furthermore, the special kibble shape of EUKANUBA dry foods together with the unique DentaDefense help to keep your pet’s teeth clean & healthy.

Functional foods

A good choice for special nutritional demands

We know that pets are individual with a personal temperament, an own character and sometimes also with special nutritional demands. These special needs can be due to their life circumstances but also due to health issues. To meet these special nutritional demands, EUKANUBA has developed a range of functional foods with tailored recipes to support the wellbeing of your pet.

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Frequently asked questions

When feeding for the first time, gradually introduce EUKANUBA into your dog’s diet over a period of 4 days. Your dog may eat more or less of the recommended amount depending on age, temperament and activity level.

Depending on age and size, dogs have changing dietary needs. In order to ideally meet the nutritional demands of dogs of any size and age, Eukanuba foods are developed for different life stages and dog sizes. Based on this, our recipes enable you to find and select the most convenient food for your dog.

As an even more tailored alternative, Eukanuba offers a breed specific range for adult dogs of the most popular breeds.
If your dog has special health related dietary needs, the EUKANUBA Daily Care range is the right choice including foods for dogs with food intolerances, sensitive joints, overweight and more.

Our EUKANUBA Veterinary Diets range contains specially formulated dietetic recipes for dogs. All formulas are intended for different purposes to nutritionally support a number of health conditions. However, it is recommended you seek your veterinarian’s advice before feeding your dog these special foods.

To keep the food in good condition, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place. Ensure that the bag is always sealed.

Yes, it is possible to feed dry as well as wet food. You can either feed dry food and wet food separately, e.g. dry food in the morning and wet food in the evening, or mix both food types depending on your dog’s preference.
In any case it is important that you adapt the quantity of given food and reduce the daily feeding amount of each food accordingly, e.g. ½ complete food wet + ½ complete food dry -> ½ recommended feeding amount wet + ½ recommended feeding amount dry.

Some EUKANUBA dry foods contain grain, but the range also includes grain free* products. EUKANUBA foods are formulated with a blend of different carbohydrate sources to tailor the product to the nutritional needs of different dogs.

Carbohydrates from whole grain wheat, whole grain maize, whole grain barley and whole grain oats or special ingredients like maize grits serve as energy sources. Since these ingredients are being digested differently, EUKANUBA foods support a healthy blood sugar.

Grain free* EUKANUBA foods contain alternative carbohydrate sources such as sweet potato, peas and potato.

*Produced in a factory that handles grains

No, there is no added sugar in EUKANUBA foods.

Yes, it is possible to macerate the EUKANUBA dry food kibbles to make them softer and in that way easier to eat for your puppy.