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What our customers say

For good nutrition and also dental care, cats need high-quality dry food. Important are natural ingredients and a good protein content. That's exactly what you get here at Eukanuba.

Also many veterinarians probably recommend this food.

Of course, in addition to the quality of food, one thing is very important: the cat must like to eat it. And that's what our chitty does. For this reason, after consulting my cat, I can definitely make a purchase recommendation here.

Amazon Customer

This cat food for the youngest of my rattles is definitely from the premium envelope. It has an enormous amount of meat and thus also protein content. This is an excellent quality criterion usually today you only get a lot of crude fiber in pet food.

Sure, the price is really quite high for this product. But good as it is so often, quality also has its price. Whether it is worth it now, everyone has to decide for themselves.

Amazon Customer

Since I switched from sugary brands relatively quickly to slightly higher quality brands, I also had to test Eukanuba, my kittens take it very well, it smells delicious, only Eukanuba was supposed to fix the packaging of the 10kg bags and also offer a resealable bag.

Amazon Customer

Eukanuba is nice cat food , my cat says you can't go wrong with it

Amazon Customer

With the Eukanuba Premium cat food for kittens up to about a year of age, you get a large storage bag with small pellets. The smell is slightly rotten and sour, not necessarily attractive to human sense of smell, but our two cats (7 months old) are barely able to keep on their own with the smell. These prefer the pellets of conventional dry food and even canned food and pounce on them. Apparently, the fragrance appeals to them especially and they hastily devour their portion.

The cats like it and they are very enthusiastic about it. So a clear recommendation from our four-legged family members!

Amazon Customer

This is the second time I've bought this feed for my kitty. The first time buy a smaller container, to see if you liked it, and the truth that you love it!!! It's perfect size, it doesn't smell as nasty as other food brands and my kitten is delighted. It is good in price and good quality, and my kitten has shiny hair, is agile and very healthy. Very happy with the product!

Amazon Customer