Eukanuba DentaDefense

Helping to keep teeth clean and healthy with every bite

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Introducing EUKANUBA DentaDefense

EUKANUBA foods feature a special kibble shape together with unique DentaDefense to help keep your dog's teeth clean & healthy. This helps to prevent plaque build-up which would otherwise turn into tartar*. 

*Applies to EUKANUBA Dog products, excluding Daily Care Mono-Protein and some Puppy foods. Results in dogs may vary

Why is dental care in dogs so important?

Dental disease is the most common clinical condition among dogs so it is important to feed your dog with a diet with dental benefits.

Special kibble shape combined with EUKANUBA’s DentaDefense means that each bowl will keep your dog’s teeth clean. Our recipes** include a special mineral, known as SHMP, or Sodium hexametaphosphate. This mineral supports clean and healthy teeth through binding minerals while chewing and therefore helping to reduce the mineralization of plaque to tartar, supporting your dog’s dental health in the long-term.

Why feed Eukanuba?

EUKANUBA has over 50 years of expertise in tailored life stage nutrition. We offer nutritional support to keep your dog in optimal body condition.

Our range of high-quality tailored recipes keep your dog in optimal body condition and fuel peak performance throughout their life.

Does Eukanuba offer life stage range support?

Yes, EUKANUBA has a life stage range which support lifelong wellbeing. Eukanuba takes a tailored approach to nutrition that builds from one life stage to the next. Supporting the nutritional needs of dogs from Puppy through to Adulthood, and later from Mature to Senior. Providing short-term and long-term benefits for a better lifelong impact.

What our customers say

We have bought this food many times. Different flavours. In any case, our dog takes without complaining.; -)

Eukanuba Customer

Super product for puppies younger than 8 weeks. Take it for years and the puppies are healthy, fit and have beautiful piles..

Eukanuba Customer

Price and quality are top. Despite additives, no signs of intolerance. I had Josera and Bosch in comparison. EUKANUBA convinced me in puppy food for large breeds!

Eukanuba Customer

Got this size as my local pet supplier only does 12kg, and it’s great value for money, and most importantly my puppy loves it. Ordered and delivered to my door so no struggling trying to get it from the store into, and then out of the car. I ordered it monthly so I could forget about it.

Eukanuba Customer

High-quality dog food, I think there is nothing better in this price range. Many breeders recommend this as well. Great dane dog love this food.

Eukanuba Customer

I think you can get a good food here for a reasonable price. Some of them broke some bite. A dosing spoon/shovel in size would be appropriate!

Eukanuba Customer

Where you can buy EUKANUBA

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