Discover the EUKANUBA life stage concept

In the course of a dog’s life the nutritional demands are changing. The EUKANUBA food recipes are developed to ideally correspond to your dog’s nutritional needs at every life stage to support a lifelong well-being of your four-legged companion.

Tailored feeding from the beginning on

Our EUKANUBA food recipes for puppies support a good and healthy start of your clumsy youngster into a long life full of adventures.

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Adult dogs at their best

EUKANUBA’s ample range of high-quality foods for adult dogs is made to support an active and healthy life of your furry friend.

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Best nutritional care for mature senior dogs

EUKANUBA's food recipes for senior dogs focus on the special nutritional needs of dogs at advanced age to support a life-long wellbeing.

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Frequently asked questions

In order to provide age and size appropriate nutrition for every dog, the EUKANUBA main assortment is specified accordingly. The first step is to select the phase of life your dog is in, i.e. puppy, junior (only large breed dogs), adult dog, mature or senior dog. In a second step, we also differentiate our foods according to the size of the dog into small, medium and large breeds. Furthermore, the various flavours ensure variety in your dog's diet. Due to this feeding concept, the EUKANUBA main assortment includes an ample selection of tailored food products.

Depending on age and size, dogs have changing dietary needs. In order to ideally meet the nutritional demands of dogs of any size and age, Eukanuba foods are developed for different life stages and dog sizes. Based on this, our main assortment enables you to find and select the most convenient food for your dog.

Small and medium size breeds need about one year to become an adult dog whereas for large breeds it may take up to two years until the dog is fully grown and has reached adult life stage. During this long growth phase, the nutritional requirements are changing and are not anymore the same as for a puppy but has still not reached the needs of an adult dog. The Puppy food has a higher energy density, the Junior food contains an adapted calcium and phosphorus level for healthy bone development of junior dogs of large breeds.

The nutritional needs of adult dogs in advanced age are not the same than those of real seniors. Therefore, EUKANUBA differentiates between food for mature dogs and senior dogs.

EUKANUBA dry food for mature dogs is recommended for small dogs at an age between 8 and 11 year, for medium sized breeds aged 7 to 10 years and for large dogs which are between 6 and 9 years old. The selected ingredients provide tailored nutrition to support your mature dog's healthy aging. L-Carnitine contained and a lower fat level in EUKANUBA dry food supports the reduction of body fat and allows your dog to maintain an optimal weight resulting in less strain on the joints.

EUKANUBA dry food Senior is the tailored nutrition to boost your senior dog’s optimal body condition and active mobility. The adapted protein and fat levels support healthy body weight and maintaining lean muscles. The carefully selected ingredients support healthy joints as well as healthy digestion of older dogs. It depends on the breed size when your dog has reached the senior life stage, small dogs from 11 years on, medium sized breeds aged from 10 years on and large breeds older than 9 years.