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What our customers say

I was looking for a suitable food for a long time until I found it. The small balls of fur are dazzling, the coat develops splendidly and they are bursting with energy! It is a very high-quality feed, for which I am happy to pay the price.

Amazon Customer

With the Eukanuba Premium cat food for kittens up to about a year of age, you get a large storage bag with small pellets. The smell is slightly rotten and sour, not necessarily attractive to human sense of smell, but our two cats (7 months old) are barely able to keep on their own with the smell. These prefer the pellets of conventional dry food and even canned food and pounce on them. Apparently, the fragrance appeals to them especially and they hastily devour their portion.

The cats like it and they are very enthusiastic about it. So a clear recommendation from our four-legged family members!

Amazon Customer

I've moved my 2 Ragdolls onto this as it has a much higher protein level than Royal Canin which they were previously on. They love ot

Amazon Customer

Since my cats eat this dry food, their fur is so soft and shiny! I can only recommend it.

Amazon Customer

My kitties seem to like these. They are the best quality biscuits that I've found that are still affordable

Amazon Customer

Love this dry food, or the cats do! All my cats eat eukanuba dry and my new kitten would eat it all day if he was allowed. It's the best dry food I've tried for my cats and there is no waste which seems to prove it.

Amazon Customer